Meet Our Exceptional Team Member: Lisa Kucher


I’m excited to share a glimpse of my journey at RespectUs 🚀. Initially joining as an intern, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to transition into a permanent role, aligning directly with my academic background, an aspect I deeply value.

As the Lead Legal and Business Analyst in export control, my responsibilities go beyond traditional boundaries. They require a diverse skill set, encompassing legal expertise, linguistic proficiency, business analysis, agile software development, UI/UX design, and even occasional dives into space engineering.

Navigating the niche landscape of export control has been both challenging and fascinating. I hold a Master’s degree in International and Transnational Law from the University of Helsinki and a degree in Space and Telecommunications Law from the University Paris-Saclay. My academic journey has been diverse and specialized, including additional studies in space applications at the International Space University’s Space Studies Program, Nuclear Law at the OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency, and Negotiation at Harvard Business School Online.

Beyond work, I immerse myself in various creative activities, such as dancing, painting, and capturing cinematic shots with my camera. My passion for arts and humanities led me to co-found a community for creative individuals in the space sector.

Working at RespectUs is incredibly fulfilling, thanks to its unique combination of legal, space, and tech aspects. I especially value the collaborative spirit of our interdisciplinary and international teams, making my professional experience at RespectUs both distinctive and rewarding.

Let’s connect and explore the fascinating intersections of compliance, technology, and creativity together!


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