Our Team Is Growing: Welcome Our New Colleague!


🎉 Let’s warmly welcome Isabell Scherer, our new Head of Communication and Marketing! 🌟

With a powerhouse background in computer science and e-business and a particular focus on innovation management and marketing, Isabell’s expertise is remarkable. Not to mention her 15+ years of honing her skills in marketing and communication across diverse Luxembourg industrial and software companies.

We’re thrilled to have Isabell’s creativity on board, ready to steer our marketing efforts into exciting new horizons. With a knack for innovative strategies and a passion for effective communication, her impact will surely be game-changing.

Here’s a fun tidbit about Isabell’s unique battle during winter – wrangling a laptop from the adorable clutches of her feline friends! 🐱🔥 It seems like they’ve decided the laptop makes for the purr-fect heater. We might have to invest in some kitty-sized heating pads!

Her dedication to work and feline diplomacy is inspiring, and we’re thrilled to have her join our team. Get ready for some amazing collaborations and breakthrough campaigns!

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