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Service Sessions

Introductory Meeting

45-minute video call with Patrick Goergen, Founder & CEO of RespectUs and a RespectUs Business Analyst team member, as well as Alessia Borzillo, Manager SaaS Sales at RespectUs.

Purpose: Present RespectUs and the digital export control compliance platform.

Free of charge.

Follow-Up Call

Do you want to know how RespectUs can help you comply with export control regulations?

Or catch up and discuss the next steps? Take a slot, and we’ll jump on the call. Simple as it is. Cheers, we’re looking forward to speak to you.

20 minutes. Free of charge.

Risk Assessment

During this 2 hour session, we explore the exposure of your company to export control violations. We assess your products (hardware, software or technology), clients, destination countries of your exports, and transaction types.
The overall objective is to identify the strong points where you are compliant, and the weaknesses of your compliance measures with regard to export control, and set up a rough action plan.

Platform Introduction

Platform Demonstration

Book your free 60-minutes demo including an explanation of all seven platform modules:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Product Classification
  • Sanctions & Embargoes
  • Customer Screening
  • End-use Checks
  • Risk Assessment
  • License Determination

We’ll reserve 10 minutes for your questions.

CEO & Founder Sessions

Chat on Export Control

During this 30-minutes session, you will be able to ask a question about export control compliance, or RespectUs, or RespectUs platform. We will listen and reply on the spot.

Done by Patrick Goergen, Founder & CEO of RespectUs.

Free of charge.

Call with Patrick Goergen

Book your private call with Patrick Goergen to discuss your matters.

20 minutes. Free of charge.

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