Forging a Path to Excellence in Modern Export Control Compliance

A Team To Revolutionize

From Roots to Horizons: Our Journey

Export control compliance has always been a complex and risky task for importers and exporters of sensitive goods. Driven by advanced technology and innovative thinking, we anticipate the future needs of our customers and the world.

Our mission extends beyond export; it encompasses safeguarding lives and livelihoods by adhering to export control regulations. Every day, we immerse ourselves in purposeful work, addressing the critical tasks that demand our attention.

The Team

At RespectUs, our diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives foster an exceptional workplace culture. Together, we are diligently working towards a brighter future.
Our shared dedication to export control compliance unites us, creating a solid bond among team members. If you’re prepared to contribute to shaping a brighter future, consider joining us for a fulfilling career opportunity.


Patrick Goergen

Founder & CEO


Lisa Kucher

Lead Leagal & Business Analyst


Harshita Chavan

Business Analyst


Chatphon Hasser

Full-Stack Developer


Alessia Borzillo

Manager SaaS Sales


Isabell Scherer

Head of Communication & Marketing


Ashley Lyon

Advisor, Business Development & Fundraising


Daniel Biedermann

Strategic Advisor


Reza Zain Jaufeerally



Shape the future

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