A one-stop-shop online platform for export control compliance –
intuitive, most up-to-date, and available in multiple languages.


Benefits & Features

Streamlined Compliance Operations

Speeds up compliance tasks such as classification, screening, risk assessment, and documentation, ensuring swift and efficient compliance workflows.

Holistic Compliance Approach

Provides a one-stop-shop solution that revolves around product, customer, destination country, and transaction, ensuring thorough compliance checks and minimizing the risk of fines or legal issues.

Up-to-Date & Accurate Information

User-friendly and reliable access to the latest export control regulations from up to 50 countries in original consolidated, and English versions updated daily by business analysts.

ESA Validated Software (August 2023)

Meets the rigorous standards set by a respected authority, ensuring unparalleled reliability and adherence to industry best practices.

Eight modules – One holistic solution 

A one-stop-shop online platform

Knowledge Base

Access a comprehensive overview of the legal framework, precise legal references, and glossaries to empower your compliance journey. 

Knowledge Base 1

Product Classification

Consult the most recent control lists, ensuring an updated assessment against military, dual-use, and torture goods control lists.

Sanctions & Embargoes

Swiftly access information on applicable sanctions and embargoes against countries, entities, and individuals.


Sanctions & Embargoes
Customer Screening

Customer Screening

Detect customers and potential clients who might fall under restrictive measures outlined in sanctions legislation.

End-Use Checks

Gather and manage comprehensive information regarding the end-use of your product, technology, or software.

End-use Checks
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Generate a comprehensive overview of your organization’s adherence to export control compliance.

License Determination

Uncover whether your product activities necessitate a license through a series of tailored questions.

License Determination
Knowledge Base

Mobile Companion

Real-time access to regulatory insights, empowering you with swift and accurate compliance solutions at your fingertips.

Leading the Way to the Future 

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RespectUs blends export control leadership with outstanding problem-solving capabilities to support customers and suppliers in dealing with export control laws.