Gather and manage comprehensive information
regarding the end-use of your product, technology, or software

End-Use Check

This innovative tool gathers and manages comprehensive information regarding the end-use of your product, technology, or software. It provides a means to substantiate to regulatory bodies that all necessary end-use checks have been diligently conducted.

Incorporating this tool into your internal compliance toolkit fortifies your compliance measures.

It amalgamates questionnaires, forms, templates, and name check tools into an easily navigable platform. Designed for simplicity, it aligns with global regulatory guidelines concerning understanding your product, customer, and end-user.

Its user-friendly interface streamlines the process of meeting regulatory standards while ensuring a thorough understanding of product usage and clientele.

About the Module

End-use Checks
End-use Checks

What about

Export Control Laws

When exporting goods or technology, the last thing an exporter wants is to threaten national and international security by ignoring export control laws. All people working in compliance departments and exporting companies have mixed feelings when it comes to being up-to-date with the current legislation applying to their company and their exports.

Export control rules determine:

  • The items, software, and technology that are restricted for export, import, transit, technical assistance, or brokering;
  • The countries under embargoes;
  • The organizations and individuals that are sanctioned parties and the restrictive measures applying to them;
  • The modalities of the licensing regimes;
  • The authorities competent for delivering general, global, and individual licenses and authorizations;
  • The criteria that licensing authorities are considering while assessing license applications;
  • The sanctions applying in case of violations;
  • The role of internal compliance programs, internal audits, and training in the compliance measures to be implemented handling export-controlled items, software, and technology.

Collect and oversee detailed information about how your product, technology, or software is utilized in its final application.

Features & Benefits

End-Use Information

Precise documentation and substantiation of conducted end-use checks to regulatory bodies, ensuring compliance.

Internal Compliance

A reliable system to demonstrate diligent end-use checks, reinforcing compliance protocols.

of Tools

Efficiency by centralizing diverse compliance instruments, streamlining the process for users.

Global Regulatory

Adherence to global compliance standards, reducing risks associated with non-compliance.


More accessible compliance checks, leading to quicker and more accurate assessments.


Informed decisions about export control, ensuring responsible and legal distribution.

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