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Experience the power of seamless export control compliance with the RespectUs Mobile Companion – your go-to solution for staying compliant anytime, anywhere.

Navigating export control compliance is now intuitive! Our platform is crafted to cater to sensitive goods and technology exporters, suppliers, and banks seeking guidance in compliance, product classification, risk assessment, sanctions, and embargoes.

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Export Control Laws

When exporting goods or technology, the last thing an exporter wants is to threaten national and international security by ignoring export control laws. All people working in compliance departments and exporting companies have mixed feelings when it comes to being up-to-date with the current legislation applying to their company and their exports.

Export control rules determine:

  • The items, software, and technology that are restricted for export, import, transit, technical assistance, or brokering;
  • The countries under embargoes;
  • The organizations and individuals that are sanctioned parties and the restrictive measures applying to them;
  • The modalities of the licensing regimes;
  • The authorities competent for delivering general, global, and individual licenses and authorizations;
  • The criteria that licensing authorities are considering while assessing license applications;
  • The sanctions applying in case of violations;
  • The role of internal compliance programs, internal audits, and training in the compliance measures to be implemented handling export-controlled items, software, and technology.

Empowering Compliance: Access up-to-date, multilingual, and comprehensive resources for effective and compliant decision-making in export control.

Features & Benefits


Save time by providing streamlined processes for compliance-related tasks.


Minimize errors in classification, checks, and license determinations through a reliable tool.

Risk Mitigation

Reduces the risk of non-compliance by staying updated about changing regulations.


Access compliance information anytime, anywhere, for convenience and flexibility.

Enhanced Decision-making

Make informed decisions, safeguarding against compliance risks.

Comprehensive Support

Navigating export control regulations effectively with holistic suite of tools.

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