Uncover whether your product activities necessitate a license
through a series of tailored questions.

License Determination

The user-friendly online tool offers swift and definitive responses regarding the necessity of a license for a particular export transaction. It takes a minimal span of 2 to 30 minutes to provide an answer substantiated by legal references supporting the outcome presented.

It furnishes clear-cut responses of “Not restricted,” “License required,” or “Prohibited” based on the most up-to-date legislation, ensuring accuracy by undergoing daily updates. Crucially, the outcome is contingent on the information provided by the user throughout the process, tailoring the response to the specific details of the export transaction.

About the Module

License Determination
License Determination

What about

Export Control Laws

When exporting goods or technology, the last thing an exporter wants is to threaten national and international security by ignoring export control laws. All people working in compliance departments and exporting companies have mixed feelings when it comes to being up-to-date with the current legislation applying to their company and their exports.

Export control rules determine:

  • The items, software, and technology that are restricted for export, import, transit, technical assistance, or brokering;
  • The countries under embargoes;
  • The organizations and individuals that are sanctioned parties and the restrictive measures applying to them;
  • The modalities of the licensing regimes;
  • The authorities competent for delivering general, global, and individual licenses and authorizations;
  • The criteria that licensing authorities are considering while assessing license applications;
  • The sanctions applying in case of violations;
  • The role of internal compliance programs, internal audits, and training in the compliance measures to be implemented handling export-controlled items, software, and technology.

Determine if Your Product Requires a License with Tailored Questions.

Features & Benefits

Swift & Definitive

Save time by swiftly determining the necessity for a license within a short span of 2 to 30 minutes.

Legal Reference

Answers substantiated by legal references, ensuring the presented outcome is legally sound and supported.


Clear responses of “Not restricted,” “License required,” or “Prohibited” based on current legislation, ensuring accuracy and clarity.

Daily Updates
for Accuracy

Compliance with constantly changing regulations, reducing the possibility of oversight or non-compliance.

Tailored Response
to User Input

Personalized guidance, accounting for unique transactional details, reducing ambiguity in compliance assessment.

Online Interface

Enhanced usability, enabling easy navigation and utilization of the tool by individuals across different roles within the organization.

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