Customer Screening and Sanctions & Embargoes: Name Check

Use case

Compliance with international sanctions, embargoes, and customer due diligence is vital for businesses operating in the global market. RespectUs recognizes the significance of efficient and precise name checks in these domains. In this use-case, we’ll explore how the Name Check function, available in both the Customer Screening and Sanctions & Embargoes Modules, simplifies compliance efforts.

The Problem

Performing comprehensive name checks for sanctions, embargoes, and customer due diligence can be challenging and time-consuming. Key challenges include:

  • Data Accuracy: Ensuring the accuracy of the information when checking individuals or companies against sanctions lists and customer profiles.
  • Global Compliance: Navigating through complex international regulations and requirements.
  • Precise Filtering: Accurately filtering is needed to obtain specific and relevant information.
  • Matching Precision: Select a matching level threshold (e.g., 50% to 100%) to control the search results’ accuracy.

The Solution: Name Check 

Name check

RespectUs’s integrated approach offers the Name Check function in both the Customer Screening and Sanctions & Embargoes Modules, simplifying compliance across these crucial areas.

Key Features and Benefits
Global Scope

Independent of Residence: Users can check if a particular person or company is subject to sanctions or embargoes independently of their country of residence.

Precise Filtering

Filtering Options: Users have the flexibility to filter search results to obtain specific and relevant information, ensuring relevant matches are surfaced. The address, Date of birth/Incorporation fields, and the settings panel act as filters in this case.

Matching Level Threshold

Threshold Selection: Users can choose a matching level threshold, ranging from 50% to 100%, to control the search results’ accuracy.

Results Page

Match Percentage: Users are directed to a Results page that displays matches and the corresponding match percentage for each result.

Handling Matches
  • Match Assessment: Users go through the Results page to determine if the person or company indicated matches the one they are dealing with.
  • White List: Users can add relevant persons to a white list, preventing their appearance on future lists if there is a certain degree of match, but they are not the ones being dealt with.
Bulk Searches and Storage
  • Bulk Searches: Users can perform bulk searches by uploading a datasheet and having the platform check against US and EU consolidated lists.
  • List Management: Hits can be added to Bad Guy lists, Good Guy lists, and White lists. Batch check lists can be stored on the platform for repeated searches, and specific searches can be saved.


RespectUs’s Name Check function, available in the Customer Screening and Sanctions & Embargoes Modules, is an indispensable tool for businesses committed to comprehensive compliance. Whether conducting precise searches, setting matching thresholds, or managing lists efficiently, this module streamlines the process, enhancing efficiency and minimizing compliance risks.

To explore how RespectUs can help your business simplify compliance efforts in both customer screening and sanctions & embargoes, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to provide more information, address your inquiries, or arrange a demonstration.

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