Get to know our team: Cenan AL-EKABI


Part Three of our ‘Get to Know the Team’ series brings you an exclusive glimpse into the world of our esteemed Business Analyst, Cenan Al-Ekabi. Join us as we uncover the journey, expertise, and invaluable insights of Cenan, a pivotal member of our team. Discover how Cenan’s analytical prowess and passion for problem-solving fuel our strategies and propel our projects forward. Get ready to explore the dynamic role of our Business Analyst and the invaluable contributions that drive our success!

I joined RespectUs as a Business Analyst in September 2021, bringing over a decade of experience working in the European space sector and an extensive legal background. During this time, I’ve had the privilege of working in leading think tanks and associations, gaining a bird’s-eye view of the sector and its connections to other domains in society.

These experiences have led to the production of numerous editions of the Yearbook on Space Policy, a book on European Autonomy in Space, as well as reports and studies on competition and commercial spacecraft manufacturing. I actively participated in the International Space University, enriching my understanding of the global space landscape.

At RespectUs, I saw the opportunity to apply my background to export compliance and to build an online platform for the benefit of many companies and startups developing cutting-edge technologies and facing export compliance barriers.

In my role at RespectUs, I have led the development of Product Classification, End-Use Checks, and License Determination modules, contributing significantly to the advancement of the RespectUs online platform. Additionally, I provided training and consulting services for multinational companies, assisting them in classifying entire product portfolios, preparing Internal Compliance Programs, and ensuring compliance with export control requirements.

Outside of RespectUs, I focus on my top stakeholders – my family. As a husband and parent, I prioritize sharing and learning from each other. At home, I am known for experimenting with cooking processes and my crème brûlée.

Working at RespectUs has allowed me to apply all my work experience and legal background in this role, which has been both challenging and satisfying. I have great colleagues and have gained a deep understanding of export control compliance.

As we conclude this installment of ‘Get to Know the Team,’ we thank Cenan for sharing his journey and insights.

Stay tuned for fascinating glimpses into the diverse talents shaping our company’s success!

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