Meet Champ: Our Tech Trailblazer!

🌟 Meet Champ: Our Passionate Full-stack Developer! 🚀

Born in Thailand and raised in Luxembourg, Champ (Chatphon Hasser), as everybody in the team loves to call him, embodies a diverse cultural blend, growing up amidst four little sisters and four little brothers. 🌍🎓

👨‍💻 Background & Experience

Champ’s journey into the tech realm began early with studies at the University of Luxembourg, with a one-year Erasmus exchange at the University of Central Lancashire (England). He has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the renowned University of Luxembourg. He’s honed his Java Developer Consultant and Software Engineer skills, even crafting Android and WEB Console applications in his free time. Fluent in multiple languages—English, French, Luxembourgish, German, Portuguese, and Thai—his diverse linguistic prowess enriches our global team. Joining RespectUs in October 2022, Champ’s role as a Full-stack Developer and now module leader resonates with his passion for innovation.

🌐 Role & Contributions

At RespectUs, Champ spearheads module development, lending his expertise in advising, strategizing, and implementing features across the platform. His multifaceted role extends beyond tech—his insight shapes the future services we offer.

🎲 Passions & Interests

Beyond the code, Champ is a multifaceted individual! A chess enthusiast, martial artist, and avid fan of movies and series on Netflix, he balances work with a vibrant social life. He finds joy in spiritual discussions, cherishes moments with friends, indulges in singing, and crafts free apps for the community in his spare time.

💼 Why RespectUs?

Champ’s love for programming finds an ideal environment at RespectUs. Here, his passion for coding thrives, and our CEO, Patrick, fosters an atmosphere that empowers change-makers. While not traditionally a tech company, Champ envisions a future where RespectUs emerges as a tech trailblazer.

Champ’s dedication, expertise, and zest for innovation embody the spirit of RespectUs!

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