Meet Olha Prosvirova – Systems Architect at RespectUs


Welcome Olha Prosvirova, who joined our team in November 2022 as a dedicated Systems Architect. With a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics (2012) and a Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences (2018) from Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, Olha brings a wealth of academic expertise to our technical endeavors.

Background and Experience

With a rich background as a Researcher and Senior Lecturer at Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University (2012-2020) and a stint as a Software Developer (2022-2022), Olha embodies a seamless blend of academia and industry. Fluent in English, French, Ukrainian, and Russian, she easily navigates the global tech landscape.

Responsibilities at RespectUs

As a Systems Architect, Olha spearheads technical decision-making within the development team. Her portfolio includes maintaining infrastructure, ensuring adherence to security standards, and overseeing technical documentation. She plays a pivotal role in shaping various processes in the software development cycle, with a specific focus on quality assurance.

Passion for Efficient Infrastructure

Olha embraces the opportunity to apply her skillset to build efficient and scalable infrastructure for the RespectUs platform. Her dedication ensures that clients’ needs are met and exceeded from a technical standpoint.

Collaborative Approach and Team Spirit

Olha values the collaborative approach at RespectUs, where every team member’s input is cherished. The atmosphere encourages active participation, where diverse ideas and expertise converge to shape the success of our projects.

Beyond Work

Beyond the tech realm, Olha enjoys exploring history and engaging in social activities. Actively participating in the software development community, she contributes to discussions and events—a testament to her commitment to staying connected, learning from peers, and enriching the industry she is passionate about.

We’re delighted to have Olha Prosvirova as an integral part of the RespectUs family, contributing to our journey of innovation and excellence! 🚀✨

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