Reflecting on an Inspiring Journey: RespectUs at the 16th European Space Conference

16th European Space Conference

As the curtains fall on the 16th European Space Conference, we reflect on an extraordinary journey filled with insights, connections, and the boundless spirit of space exploration. Here’s a retrospective glimpse into RespectUs’ participation in this remarkable event.

2023 marked a decisive year for the European space sector, with Europe continuing to take significant steps to bolster its capabilities, foster the growth of a robust space ecosystem, and secure its position in the space domain in an ever-shifting global context.

This conference, at the beginning of 2024, was an excellent opportunity to catch up with the current space landscape in Europe and to follow focused, dynamic, and thought-provoking discussions on the future of European space ambitions and initiatives.

The conference provided an invaluable platform for fostering multinational collaboration. We engaged in dynamic discussions and exchanged ideas with esteemed professionals and organizations. The spirit of unity and shared vision for the future of space exploration was genuinely inspiring.

We had the honor of connecting with visionaries shaping the future of space exploration. These interactions broadened our horizons and reinforced our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and contributing to the global space community.

We got also insights in new initiatives in funding the development and operation of space hardware, software and technology.

We were particularly interested with the announced draft legislative act to be proposed by the European Commission for a “single market in space”. Built on the common competences of the European Union and its Members, this new initiative aims to contribute to ensure safety, security and resilience in the supply chain of space vehicles and components, in these are manufactured in the EU. Let’s wait until March 2024 when this draft act should be published, before to be discussed in the Council and the European Parliament.

Stay Connected. Follow RespectUs on our journey as we navigate the cosmos of space technologies, international collaboration, and innovation. The future is bright, and we’re thrilled to have you alongside us.

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