Risk Assessment: Tailoring Compliance Efforts

Use case

In the realm of compliance, one size does not fit all. Businesses, especially those engaged in dual-use trade, must tailor their compliance programs to their unique structure, scope, and specific business activities. RespectUs offers a Risk Assessment module to address this need, designed to create a company-specific dual-use trade risk profile. This practical use case explores how the module empowers businesses to assess vulnerabilities, identify risks, and take targeted actions to enhance compliance.

The Problem

Every company’s compliance program should reflect its size, structure, business activities, and related risks. Challenges include:

  • Customized Compliance: Adapting the compliance program to the company’s unique circumstances.
  • Risk Identification: Recognizing which parts of the business are impacted by dual-use trade control.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Identifying vulnerabilities and risks to mitigate them effectively.
  • Policy Alignment: Ensuring corporate policies align with export control-related risks.
The Solution

RespectUs’s Risk Assessment module allows businesses to carefully assess their product range, customer base, and business activities influenced by dual-use trade control. This enables them to identify vulnerabilities and risks, making way for the integration of mitigation strategies within an internal compliance program.

Risk Assessment
Key Features and Benefits
Business Activity

The Business Activity section comprises four sub-sections, each with a unique set of questions to answer:

  • Business: Assess the core business activities and their susceptibility to dual-use trade risks.
  • Locations: Evaluate the locations associated with the business and their potential risks.
  • Export: Identify export-related vulnerabilities and risks within the business model.
  • Compliance Program: Review the existing compliance program and adapt it if necessary.
Customer & Country

The Customer & Country section encompasses three sub-sections for targeted assessment:

  • Customer: Examine customer-related risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Distribution Strategy: Assess distribution strategies and potential compliance risks.
  • End-User(s): Evaluate the end-users involved and their impact on compliance.
Commodity & End-Use

This section focuses on assessing the product range and end-use, determining their susceptibility to dual-use trade risks.

Order & Shipping

The Order & Shipping section features four sub-sections:

  • Processing Routes: Evaluate processing routes for potential risks.
  • Deliveries: Assess delivery-related vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Responsibilities: Identify compliance responsibilities and potential gaps.
  • Finance & Contract Conditions: Evaluate financial and contractual conditions for compliance implications.
Risk Assessment

A business risk score is generated based on the answers provided in each section and subsection, offering a clear assessment of the company’s dual-use trade risk profile.


RespectUs’s Risk Assessment module is a powerful tool that allows businesses to develop company-specific compliance procedures. By systematically assessing business activities, customers, products, end-users, orders, and shipments, the module empowers companies to understand their vulnerabilities and risks. It facilitates alignment between existing policies and export control requirements, resulting in a robust compliance framework.

To explore how RespectUs’s Risk Assessment module can benefit your business and enhance your compliance efforts, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to provide more information, address your inquiries, or arrange a demonstration.


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