We’re thrilled to welcome a new customer to our family!

New Milestone

As champions of regulatory compliance and seamless operations, we’re excited to announce a new collaboration as they join us in utilizing our cutting-edge RespectUs export control compliance platform! 🚀

At RespectUs, we understand the complexities of global trade and the paramount importance of adherence to export control regulations. The RespectUs platform empowers businesses like our new partner to navigate these complexities effortlessly, ensuring compliance while optimizing operational efficiency.

Besides being a respected industry leader, our new Luxembourg-based partner, founded in the 1860s, is resolutely turning to the digital regulatory world. They are using the RespectUs platform to continuously update their product classification sheets, considering the multiple updates of control lists and applicable legislation.

They did their overall risk assessment regarding the exposure to export control regulations online on the RespectUs platform and subscribed to the namecheck tool offered by RespectUs.

This partnership marks a significant step towards fostering a compliant, efficient, and growth-oriented approach to international trade. Together, we’re poised to achieve new heights of success and innovation in our respective industries.

Here’s to a fruitful collaboration and unlocking limitless possibilities together!

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